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Cali’s Way

In-home pet hospice care
and pet euthanasia


Regular business hours are 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. However‚ every effort will be made to accommodate your needs if you require an after-hours or weekend appointment.

Please contact us using one of the following:
email‚  text 917.334.7232‚ or voice mail  914-517-2917.  If you require a quick response, message via text is the best option for initial contact.

Please set aside approximately an hour for your appointment. Some things to think about prior to the procedure are where you would like to be, deciding which family and ⁄ or friends you would like to be with you (if any)‚ etc. Please have on hand one or two old towels for pet use during procedure.

In some instances, a pet’s health can decline rapidly‚ sometimes in a matter of hours. If you believe your pet to be in circumstances that require immediate veterinary attention‚ please contact your veterinarian or‚ if after hours‚ one of the following veterinary emergency facilities:

Animal Specialty Center‚ Yonkers 914.457.4000

Katonah-Bedford Veterinary Center 914.241.7700

Veterinary Emergency Group‚ Tarrytown 914.949.8779

Cornell University Veterinary Specialists‚ Stamford 203.595.2777