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Cali’s Way

In-home pet hospice care
and pet euthanasia

Cost of Services

Euthanasia services

Euthanasia (including sedation): $375
after-hours weekends‚ holidays: $450
Services outside of designated regions which include: Westchester‚ Bronx‚ Rockland counties‚ North of 79th Street in Manhattan‚ and Bergen County NJ‚ are available for a surcharge of  $100.

Cremation options

Private cremation
Up to 50 pounds $325
51-100 $375
101 pounds and over $425
If you have chosen a private cremation, please note that viewings are available. This means that you can visit your pet in a private room at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery crematory house immediately prior to cremation and witness the workers take your pet's body to the cremation unit. We will bring your pet to the cemetery unless you would prefer to do so. Ashes will be ready within 2 to 3 hours for you to take home.
Arrangements and payment need to be made directly with Hartsdale for the viewing.

Communal cremation
1-50 pounds $225
51-100 pounds $275
101 pounds and over $325

∗  Please note that with both private and group cremation, very large and/or heavy pets may require a direct pickup by Hartsdale Pet Cemetery staff which I will arrange. If this is the case, there would be an additional fee of $130.

Hospice care

Initial in-home examination and consultation: $300
(after-hours/weekends/holidays $375)
Continuing in-home examinations and care: $200 per visit
(after-hours/weekends/holidays $275)
Services outside of Westchester‚ Bronx‚ Rockland counties‚ and North of 79th Street in Manhattan are available for a surcharge of $100.
Medication and supplies are extra for all hospice care visits and will vary depending on treatment selected.

Transportation services

In the event your pet dies at home‚ we can provide pick-up of your pet and transport to Hartsdale Pet Cemetery for cremation or burial.

Up to 70 pounds $150
70 – 120 pounds $200
Over 120 pounds $250
Cremation fees apply (see cremation options above)

Cali’s Way accepts cash‚ checks –payable to Cali’s Way‚ Visa and Mastercard. A 3% service charge will be added when using credit cards.