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Cali’s Way

In-home pet hospice care
and pet euthanasia

Description of Services

Hospice Care
Pet hospice is a derivative of hospice provided to humans. Both hospice for pets and humans revolve around the idea that when death is near‚ care can be provided by the family or caregiver in a familiar and relaxing environment for the patient. This helps insure the best quality of life until the end. It also affords the owner the opportunity to ready themselves for the end of their pet’s life. Owners can feel that they have made their pets as comfortable as possible, and they themselves also feel a sense of comfort and peace amid the pain of losing a beloved animal. continue

The Euthanasia Process, What to Expect
Simple paperwork will be completed first. It includes permission for us to perform the euthanasia and your aftercare choice for your pet (see Aftercare‚ below). Choosing whether or not to be with your pet during the procedure (sedation‚ the last injection‚ both‚ or neither) is a very personal decision. It comes easily for some and with great difficulty for others. Please do whatever makes you most comfortable—that is the most important thing. continue

After Care
Cali’s Way works with Hartsdale Pet Cemetery‚ the oldest and most respected cemetery and crematory in the United States‚ to provide the following services: Communal Cremation—Your pet will be cremated in a group with other pets and the ashes will be spread in a special rose garden on the cemetery’s property. continue

Transportation of deceased pets
In the event your pet dies naturally at home, we can arrange for the transportation of your pet to the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery for cremation or burial. continue